Breathing Steps, Set of 5
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Breathing Steps, Set of 5

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When your baby isn't breathing normally, nothing else matters. Our little girl, Samantha, was a stubborn one with breathing. Every time she got stronger we felt a little lighter and wanted to make that feeling last. That is the purpose of this set.

I remember each time we walked into the NICU and found out something exciting had happened.  The first thing I wanted to do was take a picture of my little girl without a hose over her face, or the new weight she was at, or the empty bottle she had just finished.  I want NICU parents to be able to concentrate on the happy moments and just feel like parents, watching their baby grow and develop - just like full-term parents do.

​Give yourself or a loved one that gift.

How do they work?
Attach these 4x4 square vinyl static window clings to the inside or outside of the isolette. Then capture that joyful moment in pictures while your preemie stays warm and snug in her isolette.

What's so special about these clings?
Each cling has been designed by this micro-preemie mom to fit seamlessly into your preemie's world.  They are versatile enough to keep up with the changing demands of the NICU.  At the same time they help create, capture, and celebrate the positive moments, the exciting triumphs, and just how amazing these tiny miracles are.  The quality and ease of use can't be duplicated by a DYI printout or other options:

Preemie NICU Milestone Isolette Clings...

  • are made of a flexible vinyl that stands up to sanitizing time and time again, so they are reusable and safe.
  • don’t require adhesive to attach to surfaces, so there is no sticky tape residue to remove.
  • are a breeze to install and re-position.
  • grow with your little one, even when he graduates to a crib.  
  • have endless possibilities for decoration and personalizing.  Dry erase markers, cute picture frames with glass, a small white board, just to name a few!  (Stay tuned as well!  Decorating kits coming soon!)

Set includes 5 clings.

Installation is very easy.  
If you've decorated your window for the holidays, or added a cling to your car window, you know:

  1. Peel the backing away from the cling
  2. Use water with a little bit of soap to coat both the decal and the window, making sure it is damp and not sopping wet. Use a towel to dry off excess water
  3. From there, just add the cling on and let it adhere, and as it dries off you’ll see the sticker remain.

Care & Maintenance:  They simply require a damp (with soapy water or sanitizer) cloth or towel to dab and wipe the cling.